Kalglo heaters are optimal for radiant heating purposes as they use a durable metal sheath element as their heating source. This system has many advantages over heaters that use gas, glass tubes, or lamps including minimizing risk of fire. With the ability to be controlled by a thermostat or simple light switch, Kalglo heaters not only offer piece of mind, but convenience. Kalglo is specifically designed for animal and agricultural uses.

Features and Benefits:

  • Keep your horses warm and comfortable
  • Energy efficient safe clean heat
  • Direct heating for your horse without having to heat the air in the whole barn
  • Dry horses faster in wash stalls – splashing will not damage heating element
  • Warm show horses during the quick shedding of winter coats using an independent light source
  • Provides a large radiant heat pattern without visible light
  • Saves wear and tear on costly blankets
  • Durable construction with low maintenance
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Made in the USA